Boy Pain

Boy Pain came to Castledown FM as an opportunity arose to play the sort of music not normally heard over the air waves, from Heavy Rock through to Death Metal and grind core. With so many genres in Heavy Metal it is a diverse machine with it's own culture.

 The station provides a platform for this music which Boy Pain loves and is rarely played on other stations.

Boy Pain presents the House of Pain Metal Show every Friday from 10pm until 1am, were his passion for this music can be heard. He also presents the Metal Moose radio Show every Thursday 10pm-1 am soley focused on the Unsigned Unheard, Underground, Hard Rock and Metal Scene

"With this role, the opportunity to promote up and coming bands from around the local areas and the world and giving them the air time they rightfully deserve, is an honour."

"Metal is a Passion not fashion, you hear the screaming we hear the meaning".