Classrooms at Wellington Eagles Invite in their Parents

Wellington Eagles Primary Academy invites parents in for Curious Classroom sessions with their children. Each year group presented their work to their parents.

Classes at Wellington Eagles opened their doors to parents, indulging them into the world of curiosity. The pupils set out activities to complete with their parents relating to their lesson topics. From superheroes to Vikings, the children and parents had great fun.

Reception and their parents designed their very own superhero vegetable, from flying carrots to invisible potatoes. With sticky fingers and a great imagination, as well as a helping hand from vegetables and vibrant fabrics the vegetable superheroes were formed. Year 1 children invited parents in for a Shabbat, Shabbat is a weekly Jewish Day of Rest where families enjoy three festive meals, where they begin with prayers, wine and cutting of the Challah. The schools Year 2 pupils had looked at the art of adding and subtracting money from a budget, which co-incides with the Times Table Rock Star platform that the school practice.

Electricity is such a huge part of our day to day lives and the Year 3s have been learning all about circuits, how they work and showcasing it to their parents. The class have also been very busy learning about the Vikings in their history lessons, creating Viking boats along with learning about their way of living and weaponry. The second class had a ‘Right Choices’ game that a lot of the parents had a great time partaking in.

Year 6s have been learning all about rivers. Using sand the children created their own channel with banks on either side and a bed at the bottom. Making sure that the sand had an upland area and a downhill, allowing the river to flow.

Sarah Johnson-Motyl Head of School for Wellington Eagles went on to say “As a school we are looking to grow our ‘Curious Classroom’ sessions and this is a great way for us to introduce our parents to our philosophy of ‘The Curious Child’. It was powerful to see so many parents attending the sessions and getting hands on in all the activities. Our curriculum is based around ‘The Curious Child’, and our dedicated staff are passionate around providing enriching and exciting experiences for our children to achieve success in their learning journey”